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Phi Chi Theta is a premier business fraternity that aims to do more than just expand our actives' college opportunities and enhance their overall career trajectory. In my experience, PCT believes in finding and nurturing our members' individual strengths.

On a suggestion, I remember attending Info Night in the spring of 2018. Sitting and listening to the various speakers’ experiences was my first exposure to PCT’s culture, which is built upon encouraging not only professional, but personal, growth. It is difficult to describe the immense impact that PCT has had on my life— the organization has given me the knowledge to effectively pursue my ambitions, no matter where they lie, and has introduced me to some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.

Our organization prides itself on our actives' diverse interests; we believe that fostering these interests is the reason why after graduation, our members go on to become industry leaders in careers ranging from consulting and investment banking to professional athletic management.

However, no two actives have the same story to tell— I encourage you to attend our Info Night, held on Thursday, September 10th from 5-7 p.m. on ZOOM, to hear what each member of our family has to say about their personal passions and share how PCT has uniquely impacted their lives.


Best, Harrison Oliff

Vice President of Membership | 2019-2020


What does Phi Chi Theta look for in an applicant?


We seek out potential new members that are passionate, innovative, and ambitious. We evaluate applicants equally on their potential for development as well as their qualities and experiences.


Can I sign up for an interview if I am unable to attend Information Night?

Yes! We strongly encourage attendance at Info Night. However, if you are unable to attend, email to schedule an interview.


Do I have to be in the College of Business to join Phi Chi Theta?

No, despite being a business fraternity, we gladly welcome students from all colleges. We have a variety of students from the Colleges of Engineering, Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and more. Phi Chi Theta invites all students with an interest in business and a desire to pursue a career in business to rush.


What is the difference between a social and professional fraternity?

A social fraternity mainly strives to develop brotherhood amongst members. A professional fraternity does that, while also developing professional skills through meaningful experiences, whether they are case competitions, internships, or studying abroad. We have members who are a part of both Greek life and Phi Chi Theta.


If I do not receive a bid, can I rush again?

Absolutely, we have many members who did not receive a bid until their 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th time rushing.


I don’t own a full suit, what should I do?

No full suit is needed! For our 1st Round and 3rd Round Interview, dress is Business Casual. This is combination of dress slacks or a skirt, a nice blouse, dress shirt or sweater, and closed toe shoes. For our 2nd Round, Social Stage, dress is Smart Casual, meaning jeans and a conservative blouse, shirt or sweater.


Does Phi Chi Theta offer a scholarship to help pay membership fees?

Yes, there is a national scholarship that you can apply for once joining. Regardless of the scholarship, all members can work with our Vice President of Finance and our National office to establish a fair, affordable pay rate.

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