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Phi Chi Theta strives to increase interest and dedication to professionalism while also increasing interest in the business world. By practicing professionalism both within and outside of the working environment, our brothers become leaders in the professional world.


Being in our family makes a large university feel small. Phi Chi Theta is made up of loyal friendships built upon the foundation of a close-knit brotherhood. Whether it is studying, intramural sports, or having chapter wide competitions, we always thrive together.


Phi Chi Theta believes service is an integral part of growing one’s character and building a stronger community. Rebuilding local homes, assisting with food pantries, and promoting literacy at various institutions are only a few of the charitable acts the organization takes part in. Phi Chi Theta is passionate about continuously giving back to the community and strives to improve the lives of people around us.


Phi Chi Theta is a national co-educational Professional Business Fraternity that was founded in 1924 in Chicago, Illinois. There are 37 collegiate and alumni chapters nationally and more than 20,000 members across the country.

Phi Chi Theta provides members with the opportunity to practice leadership skills, network with alumni, interact with numerous respected corporate sponsors and, most importantly, Phi Chi Theta is a family where members build friendships that will last far beyond time at college.


Phi Chi Theta welcomes all majors and minors available at the University of Illinois. Pledges are given extensive professional training including mock interviews, resume critiques, career advice, case competition experience, four year class schedule planning, major exploration advice, and improved public speaking skills. Pledges can gain leadership experience right away by being elected to one of five available positions: Pledge class president, pledge social chair, pledge fundraising chair, pledge service chair, or pledge professional chair. For questions about the rush process, please email



As a premier professional organization at the University of Illinois, Phi Chi Theta’s Zeta Gamma chapter provides a launching pad to propel creative, hard-working students to real-world success. Although we are a business fraternity, our brothers span across 10 colleges and 39 majors and are united by a shared passion for business and innovation. Each of our members strives to continually improve every aspect of our organization, our campus, and their own lives. The diverse interests of Phi Chi Theta’s


members provide limitless growth opportunities in each of our pillars – professionalism, service, and brotherhood.

Every semester, I find myself in admiration of the drive of the members of PCT. We work in countless companies in nearly every industry, from Google to BCG to The Walt Disney Company. Our accomplished alumni and involved corporate sponsors provide opportunities for our members to broaden their reach and find pathways to their own success story. No matter your professional background or career interests, Phi Chi Theta’s extensive resources and extended network can help you achieve your goals.

As an organization, we share a common belief in giving back to the Champaign-Urbana community. Through weekly service opportunities, annual fundraising events, and recurring volunteer initiatives, our brothers find ways to give back to each of the communities they are passionate about serving. Whatever your passions might be, Phi Chi Theta can amplify your impact through our collective effort to create lasting change on our community.

The bond of brotherhood unites us in everything we do. The members of PCT rapidly become your best friends, your biggest cheerleaders, your shoulders to cry on, and your best sources of advice. Our brotherhood thrives on the collaborative, uplifting spirit present in our chapter and witnessed through the individual actions of each member. The people you meet in this organization will inspire you to become the best version of yourself and to lift others up while you do so. Your journey with Phi Chi Theta will continue long beyond the four years you spend on campus.

Joining PCT my freshman year felt like the first step toward a successful business career, but the decision quickly became the first step toward an entirely different outlook on life. The ambition and motivation of my brothers have pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible, and with each new goal I chase, I know I have an entire fraternity supporting me whether or not I succeed. I encourage you to take a look around our website and attend our recruitment events this semester. We would love to meet you and help you discover all that Phi Chi Theta has to offer.

Maddie Wray
President | Class of 2022




Success, message received! Feel free to reach out through our social media for a faster response.




Start off second semester right by kickstarting your professional development! Between Monday, January 17 and Sunday, January 24, Phi Chi Theta will be holding one-on-one Resume Reviews with our active members, who have worked everywhere from Google and Facebook to Nike and Deloitte. This will be open to all undergraduates at UIUC, regardless of major!

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